The Key Components of an Elite Forehand

The Key Components of an Elite Forehand
When you look at top players and how they hit the ball you will see many different styles, which can make it very hard to figure out how you should hit the ball and which style to copy.
In this post I’m going to look at the similarities in the top 3 players. It’s these components that you must have, the differences are mainly due to grip differences and personal flair, but it’s the similarities that are essential.
So read what I have to say, then look at the videos to form your own opinions. I hope this helps you develop a great forehand, like the above players.

All players take the racquet back with their left hand and don’t release till the left hand reaches the right shoulder. (Giving a good shoulder turn.)

The right hand is taken back to at least shoulder height with the hand staying slightly to the right of the body. (This sets up the next stage causing a whipping effect.)

At this stage they are also setting up their feet, which is mainly in an semi open stance.

To get the whipping effect the hand drops straight down from here to about contact height, with the racquet face facing down, then the legs drive the hip around and the forearm pronates, making the racquet form a 90 degree or more angle with the forearm. They all get into this position before the elbow reaches the rear leg. Now the racquet is in a position where it has to accelerate to catchup with the hand causing the whipping effect which creates all the power. (The arm needs to be relaxed to do this.)

The contact point for all the players is in front of the left leg, with Novak slightly later than the others but still in front. At contact they are also pronating their wrist and forearm to create topspin.

From here they all extend well out through the ball, again Novak doesn’t go as far out as the other two but still hits well through the ball.

On the follow through as they all rotate their bodies the follow through normally goes around their bodies at shoulder height, before dropping down as their arms are relaxed at this point.

So video tape yourself and see how many of these things you do and then try to do the things you don’t do.

Peter Clark