Tennis Whizz – Ages 3 to 5

Tennis Whizz AdelaideWe are offering a fantastic new program for pre-school children aged between 3 and 5 years called Tennis Whizz. It uses a story telling approach to learning that is tailored to children under the ages of 5 years. We focus strongly on improving motor skills and tennis specific technique but while tennis is the focus, this program provides the perfect grounding for any sport or physical activity.

Parents and children are on the tennis court together which enables our tennis coaches to teach parents key skills and provide individual attention to every child in the group. We find that parents are able to take away skills taught by coaches in lessons and apply them at home to speed up their child’s development The program also integrates numeracy, literacy and social skills in a fun and safe environment.

Program Framework

Tennis Whizz is based on 6 key foundations:
Space Tennis Whizz Adelaide
1) Space
Young children need to learn about space. For instance, how to keep the ball inside the modified court and how to avoid barriers like a tennis net! They also learn about positioning and their orientation in relation to the space provided.

Objects Tennis Whizz Adelaide
2) Objects
After a child has learnt about space and positioning the next step is to start using objects within that space. Balls and racquets are common objects used but we will also use a range of other objects and equipment to throw, catch, push, kick, carry and hold.

People Tennis Whizz Adelaide
3) People
The next step is involving other people, learning how to cooperate and play. Children learn how to work together with others, listen, receive feedback and apply themselves. Trying and achieving small tasks increases motivation.

Brain Tennis Whizz Adelaide
4) Brain
Literacy, numeracy and are integrated throughout the Tennis Whizz program to help improve these skills and get them ready to start primary school. The brain is used to learn new words, answer questions, count, score and solve problems.

Body Tennis Whizz Adelaide
5) Body
Body awareness and control is important to develop tennis technique and broader athletic skills that can be used in the future. Children will improve their coordination, balance and learn how to apply many tennis specific movements.

Movement Tennis Whizz Adelaide
6) Movement
Young children thrive on movement despite tennis being traditionally taught standing still using a drop and hit model. Tennis Whizz incorporates lots of movements – starting, stopping, running, jumping and arm movement like swinging objects.

If you are interested in learning more about Tennis Whizz, please register your interest by filling out the form below. Tennis Whizz kicks off at the Athelstone Tennis Club in February 2015. Peter Clark.

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