Backboard Practice

Benefits of backboard practice: As mentioned in previous articles, using a backboard for practicing alone can be a great way to improve your tennis. Backboard practice is cheap and practical- all you need is a vertical flat surface and a tennis ball. By using a backboard, you can practice hitting high amounts of balls, improve… [Read More]

Injuries – What to do

One of the most frustrating things as a tennis coach is when your top players end up with chronic long-term injuries. The main reason it’s so frustrating, is because most chronic long-term injuries are very preventable. The problem is that most young players don’t let you know when they are experiencing pain, until the problem… [Read More]

Beating the Moonballers

I think anyone who has played tennis, knows the frustration a playing against a moonballer. A moonballer is someone who just lops every shot high into the air pinning their opponent against the back fence. This is a very effective tactic in junior tennis as it takes a lot of skill to beat a player… [Read More]

Variation Part 3 When to teach it

This question I feel is always a hard one for a tennis coach, because if you teach a young player how to win by using variation, they will quickly realise that when they try to hit correct technique and drive the ball they make unforced errors, while they learn to master their technique ,but they… [Read More]

How to get the most out of your Tennis Lessons PART 2

There are lots of different ways that you can practice outside your coaching lessons and improve your tennis. By training alone or with practice partners, you can maximise your on-court time and therefore speed up your progress. Training alone: On court or at home, there are lots of ways that you can work by yourself… [Read More]

Variation makes all the difference in tennis – Part 2

At a Division 1 Seniors match this weekend, I saw a great example about how the use of variation can influence a player’s results. Maddy, who is 18 years old, plays number 4 for our div 1 womans team, and hits a similar ball to the younger player’s described in Part 1- her shots have… [Read More]

Variation makes all the difference in tennis

It’s important to remember that a fast tennis shot isn’t necessarily a good one. Often balls that may look slow or weak can produce more effective results than hard, flat shots. By mixing up the speed, depth and spin of balls, players can disrupt their opponent’s rhythm, making it hard for them to feel comfortable… [Read More]

How to get the most out of your Tennis Lessons

Not everyone wants to be a tennis star, and it’s fine if you just enjoy playing recreational Saturday tennis. However, if you’re looking for ways to extend yourself and play at a higher level, there are several ways you can work harder to get the most out of your coaching. It’s important to remember that… [Read More]