Injury Prevention in tennis

Injury Prevention in Tennis

Because of the physical attributes involved in tennis, including speed, power, strength, endurance and a huge range of movements included in the skill required.
Tennis player need to do specific conditioning and training programs to reduce, their chance of injury.

Causes of injuries in tennisinjury prevention tennis

bad technique – technique in tennis, helps a player to be able to hit a ball very hard and still control the ball. To generate power, a good technique will include all the major muscle groups to help generate power, when these muscles aren’t used we end up only using our arms to create power which will lead to the overloading of the arm muscles and therefore injuries.
Not doing warm ups and cool downs– its important to warm up the muscle prior to playing to reduce the change of injury and the cool down is equally important as this helps flushout the lactic acid in the muscles, which will stop the tightening of muscles the next day,
Increasing your training load to quickly – You have to gradually ease your way into a training program, you cant go from training 1hr per day to 3hrs per day straight away, as your muscle aren’t accustomed to this workload. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a overuse injury, so slowly increase your workload.
Ignoring painful warning signs – many players ignore to early signs of injury and continue to play because they find the pain goes away as the injury warms up, the problem is this will make the problem worse until it no longer warms up and you get a chronic injury that may take many months to heal. If you rested and sought help at the beginning you would probably would’ve only needed a short rest to get better.

General health suggestions

– If your over 40, overweight, or haven’t done any physical activity for a long time, it would very wise to get checked out prior to commencing a new training program.
– Get coaching by a qualified coach to make sure, your are using correct technique to reduce the risk of injury
– Make sure you wear a hat and sunscreen.
– Make sure you are hydrated before you start playing and that you drink plenty of water while you are playing

Choose the right equipment

When choosing a racquet either get advice from your coach on what would be a suitable racquet for you, or go to a tennis shop, where you can get good advice from a tennis person, rather than a big department store where the sales person, probably knows nothing about tennis.


– Warm up and warm down
– Be sunsmart and keep hydrated
– Get coaching from a Tennis Australia qualified coach
– Don’t play through pain, seek help straight away