Make your bad day, the best it can be

As tennis players we all remember that day, when we could do no wrong, all we had to do was think of the outcome we wanted and it just happened, common terms for it are have a purple patch or running hot. Yes these are great days to remember, but they aren’t how you should… [Read More]

Improving in Tennis – Essential Skills

Knowing how to improve a skill is often difficult and confusing, particularly in tennis. There is a wealth of information from coaches, in books or online about how player’s should optimise their performance, which can be confusing. Player’s are often given conflicting tips about how to get better, and sometimes find themselves at a standstill…. [Read More]

Backboard Practice

Benefits of backboard practice: As mentioned in previous articles, using a backboard for practicing alone can be a great way to improve your tennis. Backboard practice is cheap and practical- all you need is a vertical flat surface and a tennis ball. By using a backboard, you can practice hitting high amounts of balls, improve… [Read More]

Beating the Moonballers

I think anyone who has played tennis, knows the frustration a playing against a moonballer. A moonballer is someone who just lops every shot high into the air pinning their opponent against the back fence. This is a very effective tactic in junior tennis as it takes a lot of skill to beat a player… [Read More]

Variation Part 3 When to teach it

This question I feel is always a hard one for a tennis coach, because if you teach a young player how to win by using variation, they will quickly realise that when they try to hit correct technique and drive the ball they make unforced errors, while they learn to master their technique ,but they… [Read More]