Injury Prevention in tennis

Injury Prevention in Tennis Because of the physical attributes involved in tennis, including speed, power, strength, endurance and a huge range of movements included in the skill required. Tennis player need to do specific conditioning and training programs to reduce, their chance of injury. Causes of injuries in tennis – bad technique – technique in… [Read More]

Injuries – What to do

One of the most frustrating things as a tennis coach is when your top players end up with chronic long-term injuries. The main reason it’s so frustrating, is because most chronic long-term injuries are very preventable. The problem is that most young players don’t let you know when they are experiencing pain, until the problem… [Read More]

Warm up drill for Tennis by John Pavia Physiotherapy

In this video John Pavia from John Pavia Physiotherapy takes us through a comprehensive warm up drill for tennis. Thanks John. I recommend this warm up for all of my players. After visiting John Pavia Physio myself and finding him to be an excellent Physiotherapist, I’ve recommended him to all my players, who have all… [Read More]